Ben Rowe, This is it, Don’t get scared now. 2009

“Show just ONE piece of new work , on its own. Naked. This would be a strong statement saying, ‘LOOK AT THIS’– there is nothing else to look at, so look harder.

I thought that if the piece of work was any good then this approach would work but of course it’s exposing oneself completely. If the work is not thorough and complete, and made with care and skill, it will not stand up to this kind of scrutiny. This is the point of ONE.

There is so much work out there these days, but alot of it would not stand up on its own like this. Equally there is too much work that hides behind complicated and even meaningless jargon. ONE  is designed as an antidote to the growing number of shows exhibiting badly made work based on inaccessible concepts.

However, the concept of ONE is generous and unpretentious. It offers both the artist and the viewer the opportunity to explain and understand how work comes to be what it is.”

Robert Manners 2008