IAN PENNA has produced a striking yet thought provoking piece of work as the second artist to make a new piece of work for the plinth. Inspired by his own work as a flooring contractor in some care homes in Cornwall Ian’s work poignantly alludes to mental illness in older age.






Just wanted to thank Ian Penna for creating such a profoundly moving installation, which aroused in me a strong compassion for the unnamed man whose once full and useful life had been reduced to a small room and repetitive routines, up and down like a lawnmower, wearing only pyjamas – implying that he is no longer venturing outdoors. It was the naval cap that really touched me, because in 1944 my then-20-year-old father served on a British Landing Craft on the D-Day beaches of Normandy, and it was heartbreaking to see his physical body gradually diminished by illness, his environment eventually limited to a nursing home bed, and his 81-year-old identity reduced to the quasi-anonymous status of a ‘patient’ before his death in 2005. 

 Sad as it was to be reminded of a personal loss, it was also good to be stirred with a compassion that is universal,
 Shirley Brown





Wednesday 3rd March saw The Plinth Project open in the museum. Ben delivered the ark and we stood in wonder. Really good turn out and a great start to the project – helped along nicely by a  special Container Caipirinha.


CATALOGUE No.9906753


CONTAINER have been invited by the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery to deliver up a series of newly commissioned artworks.

The Museum have asked us to put together a programme that involves the creation of 6 new artworks to be located on or around the vacinity of an empty plinth in the Museum entrance hall. Each work will be exhibited for a 2 month duration making the commission as a whole run for one year.

The expected start date will be March 2010 with a new sculpture from BEN ROWE



ben rowe

May 6, 2009
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thursday 23rd-Sunday26th April 2009

Ben’s central piece for his ONE show was ‘ This is it,Don’t get scared now’



Temporary Moument XXVVIII -  mdf dust




Flight of the Navigator – MDF,cotton & pins


detail from tv’s playing film loops from 1980′s films…Back to the Future , Big , Home Alone , Ghostbusters,The Goonies and Master’s of the Universe……..


Andrew Southall

April 18, 2009
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2nd – 5th April 2009

The fouth in the series of ONE shows……………………