Irena Czapska – plinth installation No.6

‘Even if, Even When, I Would’   2011







Installation of Irena Czapska plinth piece – ‘Even if,Even When, I Would’ . 2011

Robert Manners – Plinth installation no.5

UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOREVER     2.35 x 2.61 M    Acrylic on wood/metal/acrylic & canvas















 to view full construction history visit this WEB SITE










Andrew Southall – Plinth Piece No.4 …..









Opening Night- Andrew Southall

Installation into the museum:








Andrew Southall – Plinth Piece No.4

Planning and fabrication:

Andrew Southall will be the next artists to install an new piece of work on the plinth in the museum. Andrew’s new piece is titled ‘The possibility of winged flight 2010′ and it continues his ongoing sculptural practice with its anachronistic investigation into the stuff of dreams and fantasy.

Opening Night 8th September 2010 .  6-8pm   Show runs until 31st October 2010




Ellen Bell begins the 3rd Installment of The Plinth Project

I thought this was very simple, but very touching and of course was the first thing I saw when I visited the Gallery in Bristol and the thing that touched me most and the piece that I’ll remember from this visit… We’ve all have the ‘what if’ experiences with partners and my memory of my lost love brought a warm smile to my face.

Peter.  (sent to our web site on 24/8/10)



7th July – 29th August 2010

Ellen is giving a talk about her work and the making of STORY on the 14th August at 12 noon in the museum.



Ellen begins her installation : ‘STORY’ –   her contribution to the Plinth Project in Bristol Museum and Art Gallery